Simple things that help

1. Prevent your pet cats and dogs from attacking and/or “playing” with wildlife. Don’t allow them to run without supervision and, if possible, raise your cats as indoor pets. Many injuries are wounds from dog and cat attacks.

F A Q’s

Take a look around our website- use the search bar at the top to quickly find more info. If you have additional questions, please call the hotline at (530)621-4661. Here are a few Q & A’s we commonly… Read More

So you found a…

Songbird · Duck · Hawk · Owl · Squirrel · Skunk · Rabbit · Raccoon · Opossum · Deer · Coyote · Fox · Bat · Rodent · Snake   CALL 530-621-4661 for info 24hrs / day If you find an animal you think needs help, please call the hotline… Read More

URGENT: Baby Birds Need You

Volunteer to feed baby birds

Volunteer Spots Available! Choose your schedule: a 2 hour shift any day of the week…

Do Something Wild Today

Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release bring together amazing people in our community. With over 600 members, 100 active volunteers, 40 trained rehabilitators, and a dozen local veterinarians, SWR takes in up to 1200 orphaned or injured animals each… Read More

Learn to Rehab Wildlife

It’s so rewarding! Come and join the wonderful people who share your concerns about wildlife and the environment.

Wild Animal Rescue: Do’s & Don’ts

That ‘abandoned’ baby animal may not be– and it definitely won’t make a ‘nice pet’

Education Presentations

Sierra Wildlife Rescue’s Education Team gives presentations to thousands of children and adults annually through schools, scout groups, senior centers, church groups, community events, hobby groups, businesses and others. The presentations feature our “Education Birds,” a variety of… Read More

Give us a boost?

Shop at Raley’s, Bel Air, and Nob Hill or Amazon, and they will donate a portion of your purchase price to Sierra Wildlife Rescue at your request.

Wish List

Providing the best possible care for wild animals takes a lot of “stuff”…