Do Something Wild Today

Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release bring together amazing people in our community.

With over 600 members, 100 active volunteers, 40 trained rehabilitators, and a dozen local veterinarians, SWR takes in up to 1200 orphaned or injured animals each year.

Get in on the wild action:

1238164_10202610497336502_976328432_nTell a friend, teach a child, spread the word
The powerful Word-of-Mouth. Come and say, “Hello” to our amazing Ambassadors. Organize a class activity about local wildlife. Keep your ears open for those who may be curious about the wild animals in El Dorado County and take a moment to tell them about SWR.

1450908_10152760759104298_1075075733_nLearn how to REHABilitate Wildlife
We are excited to welcome you to the incredible world of wildlife rehab! Veteran rehabbers of each species are ready to train, mentor, and support you in the endeavor of wildlife home rehabilitation.

Bluebird-Moves-to-Aviary-I_0Become a Card-Carrying MEMBER
Maybe you are unable to volunteer right now or the logistics of home rehab do not work for your household. No worries- make an important contribution by becoming an SWR Member. Affordable, yearly memberships vitally support wildlife rescue in your community and we would be thrilled to have you join us.

Jackrabbit baby copySign up at Amazon & Raley’s to SHOP
Wahoo for passive donations! Take a quick minute to register and automatically support SWR when you shop. It may not sound like much, but these programs have proved to be a big help over the years.

Gather acorns, pick up an extra pack of paper towels
Think of the supplies needed to help 1200+ animals a year! We graciously accept donations of items commonly used in rehabilitation.

Good, old DONATION
Easy and secure online. Tax-deductible. So very appreciated!

CONTACT US for more info.