The robin’s nest destroyed by tree trimming, the bobcat kitten caught in a wildfire, the baby squirrel attacked by a domestic pet, the screech owl hit by a car- Each depend on the good will of people for the chance to live wild again.

Your gift helps Sierra Wildlife Rescue to progress as the local resource for best care of wild animals.

“This organization is truly a GREAT benefit to El Dorado County. I have a pond in my backyard and last summer I had 2 injured Canadian geese. We were able to save one but not the other. I joined Sierra Wildlife Rescue. Please support their efforts. You can do a one time donation or join and contribute yearly. Tell your friends and family to donate or become a volunteer. El Dorado County is a beautiful place to live, a huge part of that beauty is the wildlife. Thank you- Sierra Wildlife Rescue for all you do.”
– Carol Louis, March 5, 2014, Mountain Democrat

“Fingers crossed for this little screecher (Western Screech Owl). Thank you for giving him help and being there for him.” – April Marie


Avian Rehabilitation Program: Includes the Baby Bird Nursery and represents the highest cost for SWR. Specifically, caring for orphaned songbirds requires specialized foods, vet services, a variety of equipment and supplies, and seasonal staff.
Wildlife Education/Outreach: SWR provides food, shelter, transport and equipment for seven raptors that currently serve as Education Ambassadors, reaching out to over 3,000 children and adults yearly. Displays of nests and eggs, fur and bones and tracks, and printed handouts are used.
Mammal Rehabilitation Program: From baby squirrels and bunnies to fawns and orphaned bobcats, each animal has unique needs such as specialized formulas, as well as veterinary care. Each species has unique enclosures, caging and special placement of that caging in various parts of the county to maintain species integrity and guard against over-population.
To donate by check, please click here for a printable form. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law (Tax ID#  68-0259827).

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