Wish List

Providing the best possible care for wild animals takes a lot of “stuff”…

We gratefully accept donations of supplies commonly available at your local pet & feed store, hardware, drug store- even things from your property:

Pet / Feed Store

Science Diet Feline Lite:
Dry Cat Food
Science Diet Kitten Chow:
Dry Cat Food
Science Diet or Iams:
Dry Dog Food
Instant Ounces (bird supplement)
Petamine (bird supplement)
Kaytee’s Exact (bird supplement)
Esbilac (puppy formula)
Vionate (animal vitamins)
Bone meal (pet grade)
KMR (kitten formula)
Rolled oats
Wild bird seed
Thistle seed
Sunflower hearts
Calf manna
Alfalfa & cob
Water crocks
Water feeder bottles
Timothy hay (packaged)
Animal transport/housing cages (call SWR first for size/description)
Large grey sunflower seed
Zupreem Ferret Diet
Ava-Era Avian Multiple Vitamins
Nectar Plus
Necton Tonic I
Science Diet Dry Puppy Food
Super-Preen Vitamins (bird supplement)

Hardware Store

Fiberglass screening
Astroturf door mats (heavy plastic)
Rolls of Astroturf or outdoor carpet
Shade cloth (neutral colors)
Bamboo/reed fencing

Grocery / Drug Store

Paper towels (Bounty-white/unprinted)Kleenex (white/unprinted)
Toilet paper (white/unprinted)
Dawn liquid dish detergent
Anti-bacterial hand soap
Walnuts (in the shell)
Heating pads
Flexible wrap (rolls to wrap wings)
Sterile gauze (rolls or pads)
Waterproof first-aid tape
Baby blankets
Bath towels
Mixed nuts in the shell (walnuts, pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, etc.)
Plastic baskets with handles and lids (call SWR first for size/description)
Fur or fake fur pieces
Small stuffed animals
Dried egg whites
Calcium carbonate
Beechnut chicken and chicken broth baby food
Gerber banana baby food

Your Property

Walnuts, acorns, and any other kind of tree nuts
Hay (packaged) (alfalfa or timothy)
Dried sunflower heads
Fruit tree branches