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Letter from Deb Datilio

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LETTERS from SWR President, Ron Datilio

April 15, 2014

Dear Sierra Wildlife Volunteers and Members,

Below is information from the California Department of FISH and WILDLIFE website

Prohibition Against Feeding Big Game Mammals, California Fish and Game Code, Sec. 251.3

Wild Animals Don’t Need Your Handouts. They Need Your Respect.

You may not realize it—a simple bag of garbage, bowl of pet food, or plate of leftovers left outside your home or vacation site, can cause severe harm to wildlife.

Whether you live in a city or a rural part of California, wild animals are your neighbors. Most wild animals will not bother you. They naturally fear humans and keep their distance—so long as they remain fully wild.

But if wild animals have access to human food and garbage, they want more and more. They lose their natural fear of humans and can become aggressive.

If bears and other wild animals damage property or threaten human safety, they might be killed. Allowing wild animal’s access to human food is dead wrong.

Please — stash your food and trash.
Keep them wild.

When you attract deer to your property, you may also be attracting mountain lions. Prohibition Against Feeding Big Game Mammals, California Fish and Game Code, Sec. 251.3

More than half of California is considered deer habitat. And where there are deer, there are mountain lions. That’s because deer are the mountain lion’s primary prey.

Allowing deer access to your garden and landscaping, or intentionally feeding deer, can be deadly. Wild animals naturally fear people, keep a distance, and will not bother you, so long as they remain truly wild. But if they become accustomed to humans, their natural ways are ruined. Their normal wildlife and fear of humans is lost. That’s when conflict occur.

Never intentionally feed deer.

  • Landscape with deer-resistant plants.
  • Enclose gardens with eight-foot fencing or use deer-proof fencing.
  • Pick up fallen tree fruit.
  • Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house and garden.
  • Consider using commercially prepared deer repellents (available at garden supply stores.)

Ron Datilio,  

SWR President

Rabies Alert

March 23, 2014

Dear Sierra Wildlife Volunteers and Members,

A total of 7 skunks in El Dorado County have been tested positive for rabies.  Any calls from the public involving adult skunks or other adult wildlife exhibiting abnormal behaviors associated with rabies or distemper should be referred to El Dorado County Placerville Animal Services for any Public Health issues without intervention by SWR.  The public should be cautioned to stay away, also containing any domestic animals, until the situation is resolved.  Placerville Animal Control’s number is (530) 621-5795

Here’s a link to a press release identifying a total of 7 skunks:

Ron Datilio,

SWR President