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Sierra Wildlife Rescue is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization.  We take in orphaned and injured wildlife for care and release back into the wild.  We also provide educational programs to the public regarding El Dorado County wildlife.




baby bird volunteer· Baby Bird Nursery: May 1-August 15, Annually.  Care and feeding of rescued baby birds at our center.  4 hour shifts, 8AM-6PM.  A trained and experienced Shift Leader is in charge of the Nursery for each shift, and works with the volunteers.  Volunteers choose their schedule. Requirements: Training class, age 18 and up.  Youth aged 16-17 can volunteer with parent approval and training class. Youth 12-15 when accompanied by an adult and BBN manager approval, both youth and adult require training class.

Squirrels· Home Rehabbing:  Year round. SWR is licensed under the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife Services to treat orphaned and injured wildlife for release back to the wild.  Species specific training is provided by experienced SWR rehabbers, with ongoing mentorship and support.  We work with songbirds, water birds, game birds, raptors, squirrels, baby skunks, rabbits and hares, opossums, raccoons, fawns, bobcats, coyotes and foxes. An Associate Rehabber position is also available, for the rehabber who can’t rehab in their own home.  The Associate Rehabber will partner with an experienced home rehabber, and meets the same Home Rehabber requirements. Requirements: 18 and up. 4 hours of training, mentoring by experienced rehabber, minimal annual training requirement of 4 hours.

529800247076931· Transport:  SWR accepts calls daily from 8AM-6PM, and takes in wildlife found on the western slope of El Dorado County.  A volunteer is often needed to take possession of the orphaned or injured wildlife and to transport it to the center or to an experienced in-home rehabber.  Requirements: 18 and up. One training class in Transporting and safety regulations when dealing with wildlife.  Protective gloves, carriers, nets, (some supplied by SWR), a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

georgie girl release· Caging:  Help build flight and release cages for final testing before an animal is returned to the wild.  Dependant on the bird species, some flight cages may be able to be located on the property of a member who is not a rehabber.


Normal-040· Exhibits and Presentations.  SWR gives many presentations and sets up many exhibits throughout the county each year, often featuring the Education Ambassadors.  Assist in producing exhibits and putting on programs, an excellent way to begin to work with wildlife.  Age 18 and up.


049· Fund Development.  Participate in planning fund development opportunities. Help plan, set up and staff events.  SWR is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which is supported almost entirely by membership dues, private donations, and fundraising events.

· Grants Committee.  Assist in identifying grant opportunities, putting together grant proposals to help secure funding from private and public foundations for capacity grants, capital equipment, or long term needs.


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 7.53.19 PM· Media / Publicity:  Help prepare press releases.  Work on our newsletters, The Paw Print and Squirrel’s Nest.

· Website Maintenance and Social Media: Help to create and maintain a robust online presence, including online marketing campaigns, content curation, regular updates.

· Photographer/Videographer/Production:  Document SWR events, activities and education/training classes.


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· Board of Directors: Click here for a description of officer positions. Currently targeting those interested in President, Vice President, or Treasurer.

· Volunteer Coordination: Organize volunteers according to interest and availability. Assist new volunteers with orientation, class schedules, mentorships. Help distribute important communications to volunteers.

· Hotline Help: SWR covers the phones daily from 7AM-7PM, 365 days per year.   One volunteer is needed each day to assist the public in connecting with the appropriate SWR member who can answer their wildlife questions or connect them to a rehabber who can care for an orphaned or injured animal they have found. Requirement:  18 and up.  SWR offers a training class and ongoing support.

· Wildlife Center Office: Prepare animal food and nest baskets, help with mailings, copying, computer input; help maintain the center, run errands and pick up supplies.  Age 18 and up.

· Membership Mailings: Assist with the logistics of snail-mail and email distribution. Help to manage databases.

If you have more questions about volunteer opportunities, please call 530-621-4661.

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