Learn to Rehab Wildlife

It’s so rewarding!

Come and join the wonderful people who share your concerns about wildlife and the environment.

Sierra Wildlife Rescue always needs new wildlife home rehabilitators for all species.

SWR provides training, licensing, and most supplies. As a home rehabber, you will attend training classes, join a team and work with an experienced “mentor” for awhile; someone will always be available to advise and assist you.

No prior experience is necessary—all you need is a concern for wild animals and the willingness to learn.

Rehabbing and returning wild creatures to their natural environment is more exciting and fulfilling than you can imagine! CHECK OUT REHAB IN ACTION

Rehabilitators live their personal dedication by expending time, resources and energy to help wildlife coexist with the public, as well as return to the wild. Their active demonstration of abiding commitment and stewardship exemplifies the volunteer spirit.

If you would like to learn more about home rehabbing, would like to feed baby birds at our Wildlife Center in the summer, or would be available for transporting animals from rescuers to rehabbers, please start by filling out a Volunteer Application.

SWR Membership is required to be eligible for volunteer opportunities.